Rental FAQs

Being new to Oman or as a prospective tenant, you will probably have many queries.

Here are some of the Tenants' FAQs -

What is the minimum amount of time I can rent a property on a short let or a long let?

The minimum amount of time you can rent a property is six months. While properties are available for shorter periods, they can be quite expensive.

How do I arrange to view a property?

Just give us a call and register for a property visit. One of our team will accompany you to the property at a time that suits you, including in the evening and at weekends if this is more convenient.

How much money do I need to deposit before I move into the property?

We ask for a month's rent in advance or in some cases a quarter's rent in advance before releasing the keys. You will also have to pay for paperwork incurred by us which covers, for example, the preparation of a tenancy agreement and any incidental expenses.

How and when will my deposit be refunded?

Your money will be refunded by cheque or cash as agreed when you vacate the property and after due inspection. The amount refunded depends upon the agreement signed and the extent of wear and tear that has taken place during your stay.

How do I know what I should find in the property?

A full independent inventory is prepared which is signed and agreed by both the tenant and the landlord. This is agreed before the tenant moves in and prior to vacating the property.

What checks are conducted before I occupy the property?

When you are ready to move in, one of our team will meet you at the property and will check the inventory with you, cross checking it with your list. If you are happy, you will be asked to sign a copy of the inventory. If there are any problems, for example, if an electrical appliance is not working, let the member of staff know and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

What documents are required?

Resident Card copy or an official document from your employer or sponsor stating that your visa is being processed

A few factors to consider when looking at property for rent

  • What are the payment terms?
  • Does the apartment or villa get enough natural light?
  • Do you like the view?
  • Is the property furnished or unfurnished?
  • Are the rooms spacious enough?
  • Are the fixtures and fittings in good condition?
  • Do tenants get a designated parking spot?
  • Is the building equipped with security measures such as cameras, security guard and an intercom?
  • Are there any facilities such as gym and swimming pool?
  • Is there a pet policy?
  • Is the property premises maintained by the land lord?

A few factors to consider about the location of the property

  • Accessibility
  • Distance from educational institutes for these with children
  • Proximity to supermarkets, groceries stores, medical facilities, airport, public transport

Tip: Try and visit a couple of apartments or villas before you make the final decision. Tenancy contracts in Oman are usually on an annual basis, so spend some time weighing all your options and make an offer when you’ve done your research on the unit, the building and the area.


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